Welcomes to the sweet journey of The Velvet Bars, where every delightful bite tells a story of passion, determination, and the pursuit of perfection. Meet the creative genius behind it all, April Berry, a wife, mother, and devoted paw parent to the lovable Blu Berry, her Cane Corso companion. Originally from the sunny city of Orlando, Florida, April's life took an exciting turn when she moved to Atlanta, Georgia, in 2009, only to return for good in 2015. Family is at the core of her world, and that unwavering love for her loved ones is what fuels her extraordinary baking journey.

The Velvet Bars came to life in April 2020, right from the heart of her cozy two-bedroom apartment. While April had always been more inclined towards cooking, her love for serving delectable food soon found a new path – baking. She knew that if she was going to bake, her creations had to be nothing short of amazing. Juggling a full-time job at Delta Dental and a Hair Stylist, she meticulously crafted the perfect recipe. With the invaluable assistance of a friend, her mother, and her mother-in-law, the formula for success began to take shape.

Then came that unexpected twist when the world seemed to come to a standstill in early 2020. April found herself at home, spending more time baking and fine-tuning her recipe. By June 2020, her job called her back, but the pandemic still loomed large. With her young son at home and a deep sense of responsibility, April decided to take a leap of faith and resign from her job, trusting that God had a plan in store.

Her journey truly began when she started sharing her cupcakes on social media, which quickly garnered requests from friends and family. In August 2020, the opportunity of a lifetime came knocking – a chance to provide a cake for Breakfast at Barney's, one of Atlanta's hottest restaurants. The star of the show? A cake that was initially 12 layers of pure red velvet bliss, but later evolved into the iconic 24 Layer Red Velvet Champagne Cake. This dessert, born from relentless trial and error, has graced the tables of celebrities, politicians, and thousands of red velvet aficionados.

In July 2021, The Velvet Bars found its new home, a place where April's dreams continue to take shape.

Today, she is committed to creating new and delectable red velvet delights, pushing the boundaries of flavor and creativity. April is not just proud but overwhelmed by the growth of The Velvet Bars and the incredible support it has received. To stay updated on their delicious journey, be sure to subscribe to their email services for exclusive updates, promotions, and events – because April knows that every delicious story deserves a dedicated audience. Join her in celebrating the sweetness of life, one Velvet Bar at a time.







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